Interning with the Pixel Dreams Team

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Dream about your future and how you can shape it? Desire exponential growth in both professional and personal arenas? Seek variety over monotony, in work and in life? Value mentorship? Strive for mastery? Care about making a difference? Aspire to help the good guys? Sacrifice today’s gratifications to achieve long term goals and dreams? Have fierce determination to put in the hours to hone your capabilities? Pixel Dreams offers an unconventional internship, with the intention to guide young people to take full ownership of today and tomorrow. Pixel Dreams internships will feel a lot like a boot camp — for the body, mind, heart, and spirit. As a PD intern, you will face ample opportunities to take on real responsibilities, get involved in team meetings and decision-making, take part in client presentations and meetings, plus more. Come for constructive feedback and sometimes brutal-yet-mind-opening honesty. Stay to experience the advantages of true teamwork, and find ou

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