Justin aka Play


a PDT Story
Stories & Friendships
a Story of Justin aka ‘Play’

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Part 1
Fantastic Adventures

Playful Justin meets Unbound Daniel in kindergarten. The two hit it off immediately and become great friends. Best friends even. They bond over video games, superhero comics, and pizza. They daydream about being friends forever and going on fantastic adventures.

As they get older, they discover new passions. Justin falls in love with storytelling 📜, and Daniel falls in love with business 📈.

Part 2
Storytelling x Business Plan

Decades later, Playful Justin and Unbound Daniel come up with an idea… “How about video?” “Hmmm… Video, eh?” Storytelling and business become the two essential ingredients to launch a video production company.

In a flash, the two launch their bizness and produce videos for some of the biggest, baddest brands around!

Part 3

Around the same time, the PD founders, Khalid, Lannie, and Trevor, join forces.

Through some magical interference by the Universe, the two crews meet each other. Their companies share a lot in common, like putting on wild parties and trolling people. They become good friends and even work on projects together.

Part 4
Where our hearts lead us.

Justin is delighted to tell stories through video. However, Daniel wants to launch new businesses. With love, Daniel gently hands his friend the keys to the biz and pursues new ventures.

A few years pass… One of Unbound Daniel’s businesses takes off like a 🚀. Playful Justin continues telling stories through 🎥, juggling his craft and running the biz, Han-Solo.

Part 5

One day, Justin thinks to himself, “Something is missing… I want more…”

The Universe intervenes again. Justin finds himself at a wild PD art show. He catches up with old PD friends.

A few heartbeats later, Justin is PD’s head of video production, in charge of the Motion Team.

Part 6
But wait. What did Justin give up?

Running his biz, Justin had creative freedom and control. He made his own schedule, took risks, had autonomy, and was never micromanaged. Did he give all that up? If you ask Justin, he’ll say, “No way! I got that and more!” Like what, Justin?

Justin’s got a multidisciplinary team that adores him. Older, wiser, wizardly mentors. No politics, no bureaucracy, and all the autonomy he needs to keep making amazing stories come to life.

Part ∞


Daniel, Justin, and the PD Founders continue to be great friends, partying together, and trolling the world.


To be continued…