Triposphere Art Show

Inspirations from prayer, meditation, psychedelics, and other altered states of mind

A one-night only art show inspired by altered states of mind. Great music, delicious food, and ample dancing included.


  1. Pixel Dreams strives to promote and practice our purpose to raise intelligence and consciousness (I+C). Our Triposphere art show was one of the unique ways our team celebrated with our community the infusion of art, culture, and growth in I+C.
  2. Anticipating an end to the 2020-2021 Pandemic, our team decided in January:
    We need to throw a kick-ass party in spring!

Hosted by the Pixel Dreams Team, an open invitation to our friends, family, clients, and community.

April 20th (4:20), 2022
SPACE on King // 300 King St E, Toronto



Expand the mind


Trip·o·sphere [trip-oh-sfeer]

  • the lowest layer of the atmosphere, sitting right above the surface of ordinary experiences and extending upward to the high altitudes of extraordinary
  • the expanse between one’s inner and outer space
  • an intentional departure from a common place to an uncommon odyssey

During brief sojourns in the Triposphere, it is said one can find X hidden in between cosmic thoughts and cheetos dust.

Because X is highly subjective and inner space the vastest, we invite artistic psychonauts to traverse the distance and teleport back what they find.

We invite you to fly alongside their inspirations from prayer, meditation, cannabis, psychedelics, and other altered states of mind. Ready to take off and explore?




Intergalactic space travellers


From cannabis connoisseurs to the stoics who meditate and pray daily, we’re honoured to have honoured guests from all walks of life join us to celebrate spring and experience art of altered states.

Ya’ll are truly the best, and most talented people I know.
I look forward to more surprises!



Art & Artists



Cosmic multimedia experience

Triposphere Travellers entered SPACE greeted by whimsical and haunting light, music, graphic art, painting, photography, sculpture, music, storybooks, animation, fashion and interactive exhibits to orbit around.





Visual Identity

Clean, still funky

Inspired by airports and passports, the event visual identity was black, white, and a splash of funk. It was important that the event branding was a backdrop to the colourful and exciting art being showcased. For this, we kept a minimal palette and font choice.




Event Branding

Space station terminals

The theme of our art show was altered states. In our many discussions about experiencing altered states, whether it be from psychedelics or intense meditation, a common phrase that came up, again and again, was ‘tripping out’. With this in mind, our creative was lead with the idea of taking a trip on a plane. We infused every aspect of the experience with this idea, from the passports (event information) we handed to our guests to naming the different areas of the event space as terminals. Even our bartenders and hosts were costumed as flight attendants and pilots.




Navigating the terminals


Triposphere event collateral terminal signage
Triposphere event collateral DoBeFree shop
Triposphere event collateral bar menu
Triposphere event collateral bar menu
Triposphere event collateral bar menu


Communication & Collateral

Spaced out firmware


Triposphere passports ticket design event collateral
The installations were awesome. My fav part was the whole thing – lol – too hard to pick just one. It was great. What a reawakening of our collective energy.
Triposphere passports ticket design event collateral
Triposphere passports ticket design event collateral

Mind blown. Fabulous event …
felt so much love from your team of extraordinary, unique, talented partners and associates.
Maureen L D
Triposphere passports ticket design event collateral
Triposphere passports ticket design event collateral



Time to fly high



Triptopia Videow

Planetary collaboration

Trippy, happy, and cosmic music was created in preparation for a video made collaborated on by event attendees.

Music: Trevor Landon    |    Visuals: Triposphere Attendees    |    Animation: Pixel Dreams Team


Amazing show the other night. I wish I could have stayed longer. You guys pulled together a fantastic event!
I don’t know how you do it on top of everything else lol but my mind was blown.
Lisa S