Kids Bootcamp / Summer 2023

Our second bootcamp for kids builds on dreams for the future.

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Building on the momentum of our March Break PD Kids Bootcamp, we launched a two-week summer edition. The kids invested two enriching weeks developing a multitude of skills, including cooking, cleaning, and working with AI.


The focus of our summer bootcamp was to develop in the kiddos a mindset shaped by technology and imagination. Our team and the kids had a big goal this bootcamp: It was to write stories and turn them into audiobooks!

Read on to find out how they used AI tools as part of their camp experience.



Prologue to Creative Mastery


At the start of the first week, our cadets dove into ChatGPT. They used the AI chatbot to assist them write their own storybooks, pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Working with AI was an engaging introduction to skills that will be essential in the future, where using such tools will need to be as natural and ubiquitous as using a smartphone.



Voyage to Xylo


In the second week, the adventure went mobile as our young participants took a trip to Xylo, a boutique recording studio in downtown Toronto. Together, with the experts at Xylo and our PD Motion Team, they transformed their written stories into audiobooks.



Prompting the Visual Spark


Back at the castle, their journey into the world of AI continued. The kiddos used a variety of media to illustrate covers for their audiobooks, then input them to image generation platforms like Midjourney and Dall-E to bring their creations to life.

It’s impressive what can be achieved in two weeks when you combine the enthusiasm of our cadets with the PD team’s focus on engaging education.

Enjoy our campers’ audiobooks via the playlist embedded below, showcasing the creativity and skills they developed at the camp.


Written & Narrated by Sophie Mokhtarzada, age 8

Written & Narrated by Noah Smith, age 10

Written & Narrated by Noah Smith, age 10

Written & Narrated by Philo Mokhtarzada, age 11

Written & Narrated by Elliot Smith, age 7



By nurturing the skills in the next generation, we honour our core purpose of Raising I+A as a living, breathing reality that extends beyond our office walls.

We’re proud of our campers who gained a deeper understanding of technology and creativity, as well as the develop some pretty cool audiobooks

Congratulations Cadets!

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