Culture Review 2022

Fun. Family. Supportive.

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2022 marks an exciting year of reunion and celebration. After many months of working from home with little to no in-person interaction, we kicked off spring (April 20!) with our Triposphere art show, with over 50 artists and 500 attendees. This event and the many following parties were good signs of cultural happenings. At PD, we live in two opposite extremes of the spectrum of work and play. And on that note, we are proud to share with you our 2022 culture review.

And remember…

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Peter Drucker


The following information is from our presentation slides.



Some of us believe…

We have a culture
unlike any organization
in the world. 🌎

In describing our culture, here are some of the words you’ve used…


Winning ‘cause WTB.

“Working at PD is what every job aspires to be:you look forward to accomplishing great things and are given the space in which to do it.”
Balance, Dr


“It’s a culture you won’t experience anywhere else. If you want to be the best, PD is the place to work.”


Frequency: Creative x 2


Lolz and other hooliganery.

“It’s like working for the biggest agency in the world, before they got big.”


Frequency: Fun x 7


Real s#it right here!

“PD is all about growing together as a team and individual. No ego.”


Frequency: Transparent x 3, Unique x 3


Teamwork makes the dream work.

“PD is the opposite of any workplace you’ve heard of. PDT puts their people first. We work together, play together, eat together, go through hard times together, and improve together.”


Frequency: Collaborative x 4, Team x 4, Encouraging x 3


Gritty, grit, grr… Discipline = Freedom

“I can be myself working at PD; people are very driven and work hard. No bullshit.”


Frequency: Inspiring x 3, Gritty x 5, Driven x 3


Growth minded.

“PD inspires me everyday to work hard for growth. PD is the best support system that I have.”


Frequency: Learning x 3, Growth x 6


Love and kindness.

“PD allows me to do what I’m good at. If it’s not my forté, they let me study about it. Everyone at PD helps each other unconditionally.


“It’s not about just pumping out work. People actually care about you here
and push you to be better.”


Frequency: Supportive x 6, Family x 5, Love x 3, Caring x 3, Open x 3, Welcoming x 3


PD Culture Word Cloud 2022


We have something special here.

Clients tell us. Partners and vendors tell us.
Our consultants and advisors tell us.

I believe,
deep inside each of us,
we know this to be true.

We must protect what we have.
We must make the best out of
the opportunities the Universe has given us.

And we will.

Thank you.


That concludes



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