WednesdAI // Week 17

Creative Convergence Redefining Realities

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The walls between the real world and what AI can generate continue to dissolve so let’s get into this week’s stories.

Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.




Real Time Digital Avatar From a Photo

Create lifelike talking faces from your photos.


VASA-1 brings unprecedented realism to virtual characters, generating synced lip movements, a full spectrum of facial expressions, and head motions. The state of the art framework produces talking faces in real-time, enhancing virtual communications across various fields from education to entertainment.

Watch the demo for eye gaze direction:


Head distance:


Emotion offsets:


Read the full report at




LeonardoAI Reveals Style Reference

Infuse your creations with the aesthetics of any reference image.

Narrative storytellers can unify visual styles. Marketers can echo visual motifs from campaigns. Designers can explore novel textures and patterns.

Watch the official demo:


See more on




Adobe’s Leap Forward in Video Enhancement

VideoGigaGAN features enhanced detail and temporal consistency in upsampled videos.

As the latest innovation in video enhancement, VideoGigaGAN addresses the critical challenges of previous video super-resolution techniques. Its sophisticated design allows for the upscaling of video content to higher resolutions without the loss of important details or introduction of flickers, promising a significant improvement in video enhancement applications.

See the dramatic results here:

See more and all the technical details on Github.




Stanford Says AI has Surpassed Human Capabilities

Annual AI Index indicates AI now performs on par with or better than humans in multiple significant cognitive areas.

From reading comprehension to visual reasoning and beyond, AI’s capabilities are expanding at an unprecedented rate. The 2023 report not only tracks these advancements but also highlights the need for new, more complex challenges to further advance the field.

Read a summary of the 500-page report at



Videos of the Week

TED Talks and OpenAI’s Sora collab:


Gold Gang – C3PO & Childish Gambino by Daniel Eckler:


Gundam: A Vision of the Future by Dave Clark:


Cirque Du Freak by Ethereal Gwirl & Le Moon:


Experiments in imaginary lifeforms by Boldtron:


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The images accompanying the news items in this article were generated in Midjourney using the following prompts:

A vintage film still of a woman holding up an ornate picture frame and smiling at the viewer through it in a classic art gallery. The gallery has richly detailed walls and soft lighting. Created Using: 1920s cinema aesthetics, ornate gold frame, surrealism, soft focus, elegant attire, mysterious atmosphere, hd quality

An artist’s studio filled with digital screens displaying famous art styles, as an AI interface overlays suggestions for mixing these styles into a new piece. The studio is cluttered with art tools and glowing screens. Created Using: digital art creation, mixed media approach, interactive AI interface, detailed artist workspace, blend of classic and modern art styles, vibrant colors, innovative technology theme, hd quality, natural look

A bustling city street at night, wet with rain reflecting neon lights. Cars streak by, their lights blurring into long colorful lines. High-rise buildings loom in the background. Created Using: long exposure photography, vivid colors, dynamic movement, cinematic style, night photography techniques, wet surface reflections, urban atmosphere, hd quality, natural look

A thrilling moment from a 1990s sports movie, depicting a race between runners on a packed Olympic track. The lead runner is a humanoid robot. Dressed in authentic Olympic gear. Created Using: nostalgic 90s film vibes, dynamic racing action, crowded stadium atmosphere, vivid sports uniforms, intense competition, vintage robot aesthetics, emotional storytelling, cinematic lighting, hd quality, natural look, in an inspirational 1990s sports movie


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