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Stardust and Silicon

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Robots are going to live with us by the end of the year while scientists think they’ve found life on other planets – let’s talk about this sci-fi movie we’re living in.

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This Robot Will Make You Dinner

Astribot S1 from Stardust will be available commercially by the end of this year.



The robot excels in a variety of tasks, from household chores to office duties, thanks to its unique design and sophisticated learning capabilities. Its safe interaction protocols further ensure that it operates harmoniously within human environments. Stardust is a company in Shenzhen, China, that develops bionic robots with wheeled bases and humanoid upper bodies.

Read the full press release with examples and technical specifications.





Vidu Challenges OpenAI’s Sora

Groundbreaking text-to-video capabilities combine Diffusion and Transformer models.



The new AI model Vidu, developed by Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University, is making waves with its ability to quickly generate short, high-definition videos from textual descriptions. This first-of-its-kind model integrates advanced machine learning techniques to offer a robust alternative to OpenAI’s Sora, showcasing China’s rapid advancements in the AI sector.

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Apple in Talks with OpenAI and Google for iPhone AI

The tech giant seeks to expand iOS 18’s on-device AI capabilities.

Apple is in crucial talks with both OpenAI and Google, exploring the possibility of integrating their AI technologies into iOS 18. These negotiations are part of Apple’s broader AI strategy, which includes both partnerships with leading AI firms and the development of proprietary AI technologies, aiming to revolutionize its software offerings.

Read more at Engadget.





Signs of Life on a Distant Planet

A new investigation has revealed the presence of carbon-bearing molecules on a distant planet, possibly suggesting signs of life.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has conducted a new study of the exoplanet K2-18 b, which is 8.6 times the mass of Earth and located 120 light-years away in the constellation Leo. This research revealed the presence of carbon-bearing molecules like methane and carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere. These findings support the notion that K2-18 b could be a Hycean world, a type of exoplanet with a hydrogen-rich atmosphere and potentially a water ocean beneath.


What is K2-18b? Watch this video for the full details:


Watch Professor Nikku Madhusudhan from the University of Cambridge on LBC:


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Noisee Music Video Creator

New AI video app creates music videos from a single prompt.

Noisee transforms music tracks into vibrant and engaging music videos from a music URL and a creative prompt. The app, currently available through Discord, makes music visualization accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills. With its official launch set for May, Noisee promises a seamless experience for users to creatively express their music visually, enhancing both the reach and impact of their musical projects.


Watch this deep dive by AI Quest:


Check out this test of Noisee, straight from the Pixel Dreams AI Lab.
Song: The Drive-Thru Coffee Line is Way Too Long (created in Udio)
Video Made with Noisee

Full details and how-to at Noisee.AI.





Submissions Open for AI Filmmaking Competitions

Submissions are open now for the following AI Filmmaking contests:

AInfiniteTV: submit AI-generated narrative short films and music videos for the world’s first 24/7 channel for AI-generated streaming content. Submit using this form (password = endless99)

Curious Refuge AI Film Trailer Competition: create an AI-generated film trailer to win $5000 in prizes or an Apple Vision Pro. Full details and enter here.

LTX Studio ‘From Vision to Reality’ Pitch Contest: LTX Studio is taking pitches in three categories: Short Film, Music Video, and LTX Studio Commercial. Read the guidelines and submit a pitch.





Videos of the Week

Instant classics and new favorites!

Left of Me by Starhand:


Maxx the Robot by Diesol:


Catiator by MeanOrangeCat:


The Abyss Trailer by Robot Garden (Argentinian film mixing AI with Live Action):


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cinematic image of a humanoid robot wearing a chef’s hat making dinner for a delighted little boy and little girl in a kitchen, in a 1980s movie directed by John Hughes

An intense robot duel with a sleek, futuristic robot in cool blue, and a sturdy ornate robot in red and gold. They clash on a futuristic bridge, high above a sprawling metropolis during sunset. The golden hour light casts long shadows and highlights their metallic details. Duth angle. Varying depths. Created Using: golden hour lighting, high-altitude setting, futuristic architecture, detailed robot armor, dynamic posing, sharp shadows, reflective surfaces, sunset ambiance


cinematic image from a 1960s sci fi movie, man in alien costume waves at viewer from flying saucer over planet model, cheesy special effects, technicolor




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