WednesdAI // Week 19

From Your Desktop to the Skies and Beyond

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AI taking over governments! New root capabilities! The world continues to change fast so let’s get into it.

Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.


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Tesla Optimus Shows Off New Capabilities

Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot will be equipped with more advanced and dexterous hands, aiming to enhance its ability to perform various tasks effectively. This development can reduce human efforts in various areas such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and entertainment.

Watch the official video from Tesla, showing off the robot’s new capabilities:


Read more about Optimus’ new capabilities.



Ukraine AI-Generated Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Ukraine has introduced an AI-powered virtual spokesperson for its Foreign Ministry. This AI spokesperson uses advanced technology to communicate Ukraine’s diplomatic messages globally. It operates 24/7, speaks multiple languages, and ensures consistent and timely responses. The goal is to enhance Ukraine’s diplomatic outreach and engagement in international affairs using innovative digital tools.

Watch this report from Firstpost:


Read more at The Guardian.




U.S. Air Force First A.I. Pilot

U.S. Air Force Secretary Kendall recently flew in the cockpit of a plane controlled by AI, demonstrating the military’s progress in integrating artificial intelligence into aviation. This event highlights advancements in autonomous flight technology and its potential for enhancing military operations. Additionally, supporting cost-cutting in the aviation industry has become a critical factor of success.

Watch this report from Associated Press:


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ChatGPT Memory Rolls Out for Paid Users

ChatGPT has introduced a new feature called AI ‘memory’ for paid users. This feature allows users to save and access previous conversations easily. It’s designed to enhance user experience and facilitate continuity in conversations by providing a memory-like function within the chat interface.

Read more on The Verge.




AI’s Impact on Marketing and Sales has just unveiled a comprehensive report on the ways Generative Artificial Intelligence is transforming marketing and sales. The report by Priscilla Soedarpo focuses on personalized customer experiences, data-driven insights, and enhanced automation as means to optimizing marketing campaigns, and improving sales processes. Businesses that embrace AI in their marketing and sales strategies gain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

Read the full report at





Videos of the Week

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Playing on Defense: The Rise of John McAfee by Tasha Caulfield:


First Music Video made with Sora! Washed out by The Hardest Part:


Mystère Amers: Les Enfants de Saint-Jean by Ethereal Gwirl and Le Moon:


Space by Ilya Shapko:


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cinematic image of the robot, standing at the podium in the briefing room, connected to wires and cables, bright TV news lighting

cinematic image of an elephant typing on a laptop computer with its trunk, beautiful nature documentary, bright scenery

cinematic image of a diverse group of marketers at a digital conference table, engaging with advanced AI screens. The digital displays are vibrant and detailed, showing live updates of consumer behavior analytics.




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