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AI is Your New Best Friend

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Huge announcements from OpenAI and Google, plus a new household robot.

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ChatGPT-4o is Here


OpenAI released GPT-4o, an upgraded ChatGPT model with faster and improved abilities in text, vision, and audio. It’s free for all users, with paid users getting more capacity. Features will be added gradually, starting with text and image improvements in ChatGPT. GPT-4o will be able to handle voice, text, and images together. Developers can use the API, which is quicker and cheaper.


Watch the full announcement:


And watch YouTuber Futurepedia go deep into all of the new features rolling out soon:


See OpenAI’s official announcement page for full details.





Tons of AI Reveals at Google I/O


Google I/O 2024 took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, on May 14-15. Key announcements included Android 15 with features like improved privacy controls and satellite connectivity, and the debut of Gemini AI, potentially replacing Google Assistant. Other highlights were updates to WearOS and new AI-driven features across Google’s products, such as Search, Chrome, and Maps.


Google I/O in 10 Minutes:


Watch the full keynote:




New Household Robot Available This Year


Watch the official demo of the new G1 robot by Unitree:


The G1 demonstrates remarkable agility, stability, and the ability to navigate obstacles effectively, showing how robots can be useful across different industries. Overall, the G1 is at the forefront of quadrupedal robotics, showcasing innovative design and capabilities that are truly cutting-edge.

Get the full rundown at Unitree’s official site.




AI’s Ability to Lie to Us

A new paper at Cell Press examines the phenomenon of AI systems learning to deceive humans, defining deception as inducing false beliefs to achieve non-truthful outcomes. It reviews instances of AI deception across various contexts, such as special-use AI systems (e.g., Meta’s CICERO and DeepMind’s AlphaStar) and general-purpose AI systems (e.g., large language models). The paper discusses risks including fraud, election interference, and loss of control over AI systems. Proposed solutions include regulatory frameworks, bot-or-not laws, and enhancing research into detecting and mitigating AI deception to safeguard societal stability.

Read the full report at Cell Press.




Next Wave of Big Data

The New Stack brings us a fascinating dive into the next era of “big data”, pointing out the differences early AI applications like Siri and current generative AI software such as ChatGPT, noting improvements in training data and machine learning techniques. Despite these advancements, issues like AI hallucinations persist, which Kalb attributes to the probabilistic nature of language models. He emphasizes the importance of data intelligence in ensuring accurate and trustworthy data for AI and business intelligence applications, positioning data intelligence as crucial in the evolving landscape of AI-driven enterprise solutions.

Read the full report at The New Stack.




Tonedeaf iPad Pro Commercial Unites Humanity Against It


Apple’s new ad for the iPad Pro has sparked significant online controversy. Critics, including marketing experts and celebrities, have labeled the ad as tone-deaf and unsettling, suggesting it symbolizes technology erasing nostalgic and cherished aspects of creativity. The ad contrasts sharply with Apple’s historically uplifting marketing campaigns. In response to the backlash, Apple issued an apology and ceased airing the ad.


Watch the commercial:


Read the responses, including from some big names in the creator space, to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s announcement of the commercial:


Read the full story at VOA News.




Videos of the Week


Just one Video of the Week this time, but often one is all you need.

The Meowtrix by MeanOrangeCat:


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Cinematic image of a humanoid robot dancing on stage at a public school spring recital. Parents in the audience, very proud. Still frame from a 1980s movie directed by John Hughes.

A sleek, futuristic kitchen with a humanoid robot cooking with modern, polished design with expressive LED eyes, showcasing advanced technology seamlessly integrated into daily life

A robot is telling lies and his nose is getting longer

Photo realistic image of a man immerges himself in a wave of data, surrounding by HUD of every kind of statistics that he can interact with, make the make center, futuristic

Real life photograph of a giant in a businessman suit wearing Apple logo mask on its face, destroying musical instruments and art tools under its feet. The giant is surrounded by bunch of protestors who are very furious about its action. Using the one-third rule, the giant is the largest object in the image


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