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Tech Triumphs and Trials

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AI is getting pushback from celebrities and corporations as new advancements roll out. Let’s get into this week’s stories.

Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.


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Scarlett Johansson Goes After ChatGPT

Scarlett Johansson has claimed that OpenAI used her voice without permission for ChatGPT’s new voice assistant, GPT-4o. Some users noted a resemblance between the AI’s voice and Johansson’s character from the movie “Her.” OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, referenced the film on social media, fueling further speculation. OpenAI clarified that the voice wasn’t intentionally modeled after Johansson’s but was a continuation of their previous voice developments.

Get the full story at The Verge, and read OpenAI’s response.




Microsoft Announces New AI-First Devices

Microsoft has introduced the Copilot PC, its latest AI-driven innovation designed to compete with recent AI announcements from other tech giants. The Copilot PC integrates advanced AI features, including ChatGPT-4o, to enhance user productivity and computing experiences, positioning it as a rival to Apple’s AI-first MacBook. This move underscores Microsoft’s commitment to leading in AI technology and improving personal computing.

Watch CNET’s summary of the biggest reveals from the event:


Read the official release from Microsoft.




Sony Music Opts Out of AI

Sony Music Group has sent warnings to over 700 tech companies about using its music to train AI without authorization. They demand details on the songs used, access methods, and existing copies. Critics might see this as an overreaction, arguing that Sony is hindering technological progress and innovation. However, Sony insists on protecting artists’ rights and ensuring fair compensation. This move highlights the tension between copyright protection and the rapid advancement of AI technologies.

Read More at TechCrunch.




OpenAI and Reddit Team Up

OpenAI and Reddit have partnered to integrate Reddit content into OpenAI’s products, including ChatGPT. OpenAI will use Reddit’s Data API to access real-time content, enhancing user engagement and discovery of Reddit communities. Additionally, Reddit will implement AI-powered features using OpenAI’s models, and OpenAI will become a Reddit advertising partner.

Read OpenAI’s official release.




AI Gives Disabled Woman Her Voice Back

Alexis Bogan, a 21-year-old whose speech was impaired by a brain tumor, has regained her voice through AI technology. After surgery left her unable to speak, doctors at Rhode Island Hospital used OpenAI’s Voice Engine to create a voice clone. This clone, trained on a brief recording of her teenage voice, allows her to communicate by typing into a phone app, which then reads her words aloud. This technology, while posing risks like misuse for scams, shows promise in restoring speech for individuals affected by similar conditions

Read more at The Associated Press.



Videos of the Week

New memes, old favorites, and a world premiere.

King of Hill: 1950s Super Panavision 70 by Dog People Productions:

Liquid Death AI-generated commercial by Dustin Hollywood:


Fan-made Tesla Cybertruck Commercial by Jeff Synthesized:


Spirit of the Funk by Sean Ward:

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