WednesdAI // Week 22

Machine Minds and Human Hopes

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AI is going haywire as it is predicted to disrupt the very concept of work. Let’s get into it.

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Google’s AI Search Results Come Out Very, Very Wrong

Last week, Google added AI to its search engine to compete with Microsoft and OpenAI. The new AI Overview feature was criticized for mistakes like recommending glue in pizza recipes and suggesting eating rocks, hurting Google’s reputation. This backlash shows Google’s problems with AI, similar to issues with its Bard chatbot in 2023. Despite the criticism, experts think Google must keep improving to stay competitive. The AI Overview uses internet data, including false information, causing serious errors.

Read the report in The New York Times.



Elon Musk Building xAI Gigafactory

Elon Musk and Oracle are teaming up to build a massive “Gigafactory of Compute” for Musk’s AI company, xAI. They’re making a supercomputer specifically to train their AI, Grok, hoping it can compete with OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind by the end of 2024. Musk wants $4 billion to beef up the computer’s GPU power, aiming to create AI smarter than humans by 2025. Some worry it’s too expensive or might lead to an AI bubble, but analysts say xAI must keep up in the fast-changing AI industry.

See more at Cointelegraph.




AI Hitting Labor Force Like a Tsunami

Artificial intelligence is set to crash into the global labor market like a tsunami, warns IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva. This wave of technology could affect 40% of jobs worldwide, especially in advanced economies. While some workers might benefit from AI-boosted productivity, many could face lower salaries or even job loss. The verdict: brace yourself for a mixed bag of progress and disruption.

Read the full story at Yahoo Finance.



AI’s Customer Service Takeover

Ada, a Toronto-based company, develops computer programs for businesses’ customer service needs. Recently, they upgraded their program with new tools to increase its effectiveness, allowing businesses to handle more customer inquiries independently. Since its launch in November 2023, Ada’s program has autonomously resolved over 70% of customer questions. It seamlessly integrates into any customer service team and offers additional features such as learning, building trust, and communicating through email and automated phone calls to enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses like Tango endorse Ada’s program for its positive impact on customer service. Ada’s CEO, Mike Gozzo, foresees a future where computers take on more customer service roles, with Ada’s program leading the charge.

Full details at Businesswire.




George Lucas Tells Hollywood that AI is Inevitable

George Lucas, the famous creator of “Star Wars,” thinks artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be used in filmmaking. He believes AI can help make filmmaking easier and better by improving storytelling, visual effects, and editing. Lucas understands that human creativity is crucial, but he sees AI as a helpful addition, not a replacement, to human talent.

Visit IGN for more information.



Videos of the Week

AI video goes commercial as it looks to the future!

RE.IN by Dave Clark:


Amazing AI video demo by Aleksej Lotkov:


Boulangerie Thanos by Miko Officiel:

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