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Robots Rewriting the Rules of Work

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From tech breakthroughs to AI-assisted espionage, this week’s news is exciting and unsettling.

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NVIDIA Flexes AI Muscle at Computex

NVIDIA unveiled an ambitious AI roadmap this week.

At Computex 2024, Nvidia unveiled its Blackwell platform, featuring the B200 GPU, which offers up to 4x the training performance and 30x the inference speeds of the previous H100 models. With 1.4 exaflops of AI performance and 30TB of fast memory, these GPUs are set to enhance AI computations significantly. Nvidia is collaborating with major cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to roll out these advancements. This solidifies Nvidia’s leadership in AI hardware, promising substantial efficiency and performance improvements for complex AI models​.

Get full details at Data Economy.



Making a Computer out of a Real Brain

A Swiss startup has developed the Neuroplatform, the first bioprocessor using 16 human brain organoids. These biological processors are incredibly energy-efficient, consuming a million times less power than traditional digital chips. Designed for biocomputing research, they offer remote access for experiments with a lifespan of around 100 days, aiming to reduce computing’s environmental impact.

Read more at Tom’s Hardware.




ChatGPT X International Espionage

OpenAI exposed five covert influence operations using ChatGPT to spread misinformation from Russia, China, Israel, and Iran. These groups used AI to create and post propaganda in multiple languages, but their efforts were thwarted by human errors and exposed as AI-generated. None of the campaigns gained significant traction, highlighting the ease of misuse of AI tech and the need for stricter safeguards. OpenAI plans to continue monitoring and reporting such activities.

Get the full story at AI Tool Report.




New Generative AI Training for CEOs

KPMG Canada and Microsoft Canada are expanding their Operational Risk Skills Development Centre nationwide to train business leaders in leveraging generative AI tools like Microsoft 365’s Copilot. The program offers free, self-paced courses focusing on automating routine tasks to boost productivity, targeting C-suite executives and board members.

Get the full story at Yahoo Finance.




Growth of AI By the Numbers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries by enhancing efficiency and innovation. Here are some key statistics that highlight the impact and growth of AI technology:

  • Market Growth: The global AI market is projected to reach $184 billion in 2024, a 35% increase from 2023. That’s $500 million per day!
  • Investment Impact: AI investments could contribute up to 4% of the US GDP, approximately $1 trillion annually.
  • Startup Surge: Funding for AI startups increased by 58%, totaling $754 million.
  • Healthcare: The AI healthcare market is growing at 37% annually.
  • Consumer Products: 50% of people use AI assistants like Siri and Alexa.
  • AI in E-commerce: 34% of e-commerce businesses use AI for personalization, improving user experience and increasing sales.
  • Voice Assistants: 70% of households are expected to have voice assistants by 2024.

See all the insightful statistics at WP Beginner.




Showrunner: Netflix of AI


Showrunner is launching AI-driven TV shows using simulations by Fable Simulation. Their flagship show, “Exit Valley,” satirizes Silicon Valley’s tech elite, startups, and the quest for financial and existential escapes. Users can upload themselves and others into “Sim Francisco,” an AI-populated virtual city, to create and direct their stories. Showrunner offers early access to this innovative platform, promising a new era of interactive entertainment.


Learn more and join the waitlist at




Videos of the Week

Lots of incredible Videos this week! Some from friends and favorites, and some from exciting new voices.

Me n’ Moon – Werewolf VS Vampires by MeanOrangeCat:


2000 + One by CB Miller:


Vice City: AI Edition by Key Oakes:


Ninja Kamui concept trailer by Dennys Garzon:


Memories by Ilya Shapko:


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