Triposphere Art Show – 2022

Expand the mind

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An art show inspired by prayer, meditation, cannabis, psychedelics, and other altered states of mind.


A one-night only art show inspired by altered states of mind. Great music, delicious food, and ample dancing included.


  1. Pixel Dreams strives to promote and practice our purpose to raise intelligence and consciousness (I+C). Our Triposphere art show was an opportunity for our team to celebrate with our community the infusion of art, culture, and growth in I+C.
  2. Anticipating an end to the long-lasting pandemic, our team decided in January 2022:
    We will throw a kick-ass party in spring!

Hosted by the Pixel Dreams Team, an open invitation to our friends, family, clients, and community.

April 20th (4:20), 2022

SPACE on King // 300 King St E, Toronto


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